Where Do People Spend Their Money [INFOGRAPHIC]

I imagine every other person on earth strives to be one way, different. I even bet I’m siding with the majority in admitting that I am terrified of the traditional career, family and debt formula. Alas, I worry no matter how much I worry and run away from this model, I will one day succumb.

I am positive that I have the ability will acquire a high paying job, thus afford a decent house and car. Most adults will tell me that that is the life to want, a dull lifeless life full of tour guide lead vacations, television, and pee-wee soccer games. I am as privileged as the next pretty white girl. I must say, I am not thankful for it. How I wish I could have to work hard for something, I want some sort of trouble in my life. So far everything has been handed to me on a silver platter, and I see no change in the future.


Via Daily Infographic