If you’re the owner of a relatively new business, your company probably is limited to whatever skills you have, what certifications you’ve earned, and what languages you speak. Since you’re new and small, it’s not important to be able to speak more than one language, right?

Well, what about any potential customers who can’t communicate with you in your native tongue? And what is your business supposed to do if you ever want to get big enough to expand overseas?

You can handle these questions as they come up, or you can be prepared for opportunities as they come by building multilingualism into your business from the start. Whether that means brushing up on your conversational Chinese or knowing someone that can help you negotiate in Norwegian, it’s important to be ready when the moment comes.

If your business is online or has a mobile presence already, international business could show up at any time. It could be a single customer or it could be a vendor wanting to make a warehouse-filling bulk order. Having a plan in place to get the talks started immediately can land you a contract before the competition has a chance to undercut.

Want to know more about the benefits of making your business multilingual? Check out the graphic below, provided by VirtualPhone-Number.com and start communicating with customers around the world!

Multilingual Business

Introduction by contributor Mark Kirkpatrick