Google Inc Slammed By German Media Tycoon

Google Inc Slammed By German Media Tycoon
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Not everyone appreciates the search power or the strong dominance Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) (NASDAQ:GOOGL) holds on the the internet. Axel Springer’s chief executive Mathias Dopfner recently criticized Google in an open letter to a German-based media company.

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A letter to Google

The letter was addressed to Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) (NASDAQ:GOOGL)’s Eric Schmidt and in it, he asked whether Google intended to create a superstate which isn’t accountable to privacy laws or anti-trust laws. Axel Springer owns over 200 newspapers and magazines. Two of the company’s most notable newspapers include Bild and Die Welt.

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Google has yet to make a comment on the matter. Dopfner’s letter was not published by his company, it was published in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, which is not a part of his company. The letter was actually a response to a column written by Schmidt. The Google executive’s column referred to the advertising relationship between Google and Axel Springer.

BBC elaborated a little on the matter: “The company makes 62% of its profits from digital business, he said, and the internet is a great opportunity, but he explained that he was concerned about the role Google plays online. He referred to a long-running dispute between Google and the European Commission, which involved accusations that the search company gave favourable treatment to its own products in search results. Mr Dopfner said the resulting agreement between the two parties was not a compromise but instead the Commission had “sanctioned the introduction of a business model, which in less honourable circles is called extortion.”

A major complaint against Google

Dopfner complains that Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) (NASDAQ:GOOGL) could still discriminate against competitors in search results. He also said Google has a lot more more power than most people realize. He even went as a far as to compare the search giant to state-based monopolies that run German telecom and postal services. Google wasn’t the only company Dopfner criticized; he also complained about Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) and Mark Zuckerberg. His biggest problem against the social media giant was how data is stored and user privacy is treated.

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  1. Self-driving cars will change the world, even in third world nations. Cell phones didn’t start in Africa, but ask an African today if cell phones have changed lives there. It’s called technology, and it benefits all of mankind, rich or poor.

  2. Good for Mathias Dopfner for speaking out the way he did—he should be praised and thanked for doing so. It is our hope that more and more people will now begin to realise that google is not at all our friend, and that they could possibly do more harm to Society than good (we said “could” not
    “would” or “will”). An the same holds true for facebook. If those founders/powers that be (schmidt, page, brin, and zuckerberg) really think privacy is not important, why did eric schmidt put so much sound-proofing in his NY condo (where he cheats on his wife with his fetishes)? Why do they all live in such private and closed worlds?? Why was Zuckerberg so upset when photos from his facebook page were seen by the public?

    We all need to press them for answers and to hold them accountable. Everyone should flood google and facebook with questions and demand change in their policy. google “proudly” boasts that they have just 1 Privacy Policy but what a joke. There are links within links to get through their privacy policy. It is an absolute sham and Society is paying the unknown costs.

    Some of Mathias’s comments remind us of how arrogant and self-centered the google “thinking” can be at times; sergey brin had commented not too long ago that google’s self-driving cars will be one of the ‘greatest things to help all of the world,’ but yet the majority of the world lives in terrible poverty where driving is not even a concern. Hey…sergey…how about finding a way to get people clean drinking water first? We no longer capitalize “google,” “facebook” or any of the names of their founders and/or C.E.O.s… they simply do not deserve it.

    schmidt is a dangerous, devil-like liar with a moral compass that is in the gutter. Same for all of his cronies…page, brin, and zuckerberg. We do not trust them at all, but only because they have acted in ways that CLEARLY show that they should NOT be trusted. We have read ALL of their privacy statements and we constantly study the behaviour of google. We know of too many examples where they flat out lied to Society as a whole.

    When google and facebook first started to gain users, politicians throughout the world should have been reading every EULA and challenging them. Instead, they were so eager to use their services that they simply clicked on “I accept,” (and we acknowledge that clicking on “I Accept” seemed so tempting and harmless). Perhaps it is too late to challenge google…that is one of our main concerns. Who is more powerful than google now? Perhaps no one. They have more satellites in orbit than most
    countries…how did this happen??!! It is already a fact that a (secret) segment of google was and is working with the (illegally formed) NSA and their counterparts.

    We love much of what google offers the world, but we also realize that they are potentially very, very
    dangerous and that they have been left unchecked for far too long. After we have a private meeting about google’s practises and need to communicate with each other, we do what the great American President, Jimmy Carter, now does—we use regular mail and until this announcement, google had NO idea about this. Hey eric…are you going to try to find me and our organization now and
    intercept our snail mail? You probably will. After-all…the time is near.

    And speaking of eric, he has some balls to threaten Europe the way he did in his article. Wow…if that isn’t telling of how potentially evil he is then we do not know what is. eric…if there is a hell, you will end up there. Same for zuckerberg and brin. Probably the same for page as well, but they might let him pass to heaven just because he is so stupid (not that we believe in heaven or hell).

    Again, we say a HUGE thank you to Mathias for his article. We do hope this wakes the world up so that they start to question google and to realise that we are nothing more to google than a “product.”

    –West Derwin & the West Derwin Group

    (Long Live Snail Mail)

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