Google Chrome Loading Slow? Speed It Up With This Tip

Google Chrome Loading Slow? Speed It Up With This Tip

When it comes to browsers, Chrome is the most popular browser out there on the Android platform. One of the reasons behind this is perhaps because it comes bundled with Android. But just like other browsers, this one too has some problems and one of them is that it lags when scrolling through a website or when resizing the web page.

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Now, here’s a quick and simple tip that will solve the lagging issue in Chrome. Basically this tip will allocate more RAM to Chrome which eliminates the frame rate drop issue.

This tip is shared by a Reddit user named erythrocytes64, and once you follow it, you’ll notice that Chrome for Android will be noticeably faster.

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Eliminate lag in Chrome with this method

  1. Type chrome://flags into the URL bar in Chrome for Android.
  2. Find Maximum Tiles for Interest Area.
  3. From the dropdown, change it from default to 512.
  4. Tap on the Relaunch Now button.

Before following this tip, you should note that this tip is not for Android devices with low RAM, as it might purge the memory much faster, and can cause other apps to work slower. It will assign more RAM to Chrome for smooth functioning but it can be a problem when multi-tasking and such tasks. That’s why if your Android smartphone or tablet has less RAM, then you can change the value to something like 256.

Many options on Chrome’s flag page are still in the experimental phase and that’s why you should be careful when playing with them. This particular method has been reported by some Chrome users as working, and indeed it will eliminate the frame rate drop and speed up Chrome on Android.

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