First Solar Powered Laptop Announced At A Curious Price


Just days after Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) (NASDAQ:GOOGL) announced they were acquiring a solar-powered drone manufacturer that one day might operate without requiring refueling comes news of the world’s first solar powered laptop.

One day die-hard workaholics could literally work on a computer without requiring an electric outlet to refuel.  A Canadian company, WeWi Telecommunications is releasing the first solar powered laptop, with a few catches.

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Low cost – for military

The cost ironically is one of the catches.  At just $350 – and add only $100 if you want it waterproof and submersible – the problem is the target market is the military and in Africa, according to a release on the topic.

“This doesn’t mean that if won’t be available to other countries,” the report said. “The laptop will be targeted towards very niche markets of adventurers, researchers and students who live in remote places with unavailability of electricity. Other than that, the laptop will also add divers and undersea researchers to its list of target audience since the company is set to release a Marine version of the laptop.”

They’re missing the real target market

Ok, first if you travel much the problem of recharging is always a major issue, so the “remote places with unavailability of electricity” can actually apply to a much wider target audience.  Then the “undersea researchers” it targets for the waterproof benefits could also pertain to forgetful people who once fell asleep while their laptop was outside and it started to rain. (A personal experience I hope I’m not alone in…)

Solar powered laptop: Airport recharging… only with sunlight

The laptop comes with a detachable solar power charging device and cable that connects the laptop to the power source, making solar energy transmission possible. “The detachable arrays needs to be facing direct sunlight n for about two to three hours in order to fully charge,” noted Sol’s creator, David Snir.

Hmmm… I bet the florescent light from an airport wouldn’t count.  But for people who can work from any location it makes beach or outdoors computer work much more enjoyable.

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