You Can Buy Google Glass On April 15

As one of the more effective PR campaigns comes to a conclusion with its money shot, the Google Glass phenomena is preparing to come to early trend hoppers for just $1,500.

Be a cool kid for $1,500

You Can Buy Google Glass On April 15

According to documents obtained by The Verge, Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) (NASDAQ:GOOGL) is planning to open the once exclusive doors and allow mere mortals to enter the “Google Glass Explorer Program” for 24 hours. The leaked proposal would allow anybody in the US to buy into the restricted Google Glass Explorer Program, which includes free sunglasses shades or eyeglass frames. People with standard prescription glasses will have to purchase their lenses for the Google Glass frames separately.

Google Glass, which allows users to essentially operate a computer from their glasses, has been featured on numerous media channels by those lucky enough to get their hands on the scarce item.  In fact it is this scarcity – and the buzz surrounding those who don the glasses – that is what caused such a PR storm.

72% of people don’t want to buy Google Glass

While the PR storm has been strong, a wave of issues surrounds privacy.  Laws exist that make it illegal to record conversations with people, yet the Google Glass does this very task.  According to market research firm Toluna, 72% of Americans don’t want to buy Google Glass because of privacy concerns.


As previously reported in ValueWalk, sentiment in Silicon Valley appears to be turning against the glasses as well. In a potential backlash against digital surveillance, a bar in San Francisco has banned Google Glass from the establishment, coming on the heels of a woman posting a video of being assaulted in a bay area bar for wearing the glasses. The Willows gastro pub in the South of Market neighborhood of San Francisco was quoted in a report saying “Our patrons have expressed concerns with being recorded while enjoying themselves at The Willows – kindly remove before entering.”  The Willows notice comes after a tech reporter was attacked in a bar after refusing to stop wearing her Google Glass.

The article says that Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) (NASDAQ:GOOGL) will make an announcement about the sale on April 15.