BlackBerry Ltd Usage On The Rise In London Tubes

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It seems like BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) (TSE:BB) users are growing on Virgin Media’s WiFi service, which was started in six more London Underground stations, on Friday, says a report from The Inquirer. Services from Virgin Media are provided at the Golders Green, Southgate, West Kensington, Parsons Green, Kilburn and East Putney stations. This comes as welcome news for the Canadian company which has been struggling to make a turnaround.

Something to cheer for BlackBerry

Joe Lathan, director of Virgin Media, said that the company’s WiFi service has been popular with citizens and also foreign visitors. The network carrier claimed that BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) (TSE:BB) usage on its London Underground WiFi network has surged, almost doubling as people keep track of their emails, check travel updates and send tweets easily, compared to previously.

Virgin Media is working in collaboration with TfL and its wholesale partners to offer a better experience to users across the U.K. capital. However, BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) (TSE:BB) is not the only operating system which is witnessing increased usage. According to the network carrier, Android and iOS users hold 65% and 30% of usage on the London Underground WiFi, respectively.

BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) (TSE:BB) gets only the remaining 5%, and that too it has to share with Windows Phone. There are 800,000 connected users to the network, out of which only 20,000 do not have an iPhone or Android Device. There was no information from Virgin Media regarding the percentage of BlackBerry users on its WiFi underground networks.

Lags behind Windows Phone

Separately, in bad news for the Canadian company, Windows Phone has passed BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) (TSE:BB) for third place after iOS and Android, which occupy the top slots, according to the latest data from Nielsen. The data revealed that Windows Phone has a 3% share of the U.S. smartphone market, compared to 2% by BlackBerry. Nokia has been the forerunner of Windows Phone’s success, growing its market share gradually by adopting the operating system for its Lumia range of phones.

Despite the struggle for BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) (TSE:BB), CEO Chen is confident that the company will be profitable in two years, indicating that the process will be an “eight quarter journey.”

“The first thing I have to do is to get into profitability, as well as cash flow breaking even,” he said. According to Chen, the company can post positive cash flow from operations by the end of fiscal 2014, and by next year, it can become profitable.

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  1. by not talking to me is exactly not doing everything he can. Thanks for being nice awright. Im not offended. And I am in the process of patenting a product, but just not the smartphone right now, I told my patent lawyer about the smartphone but he said it would take several patents to cover the whole idea. have a wonderful weekend awright. (:

  2. This is going to be my last comment to try to talk some reason into you. Your claim is that John Chen is not doing everything he can. I am guessing that he is working at 100%. Just because he is not talking to you doesn’t mean he is not doing everything he can. I am sure there are a lot of people out there including workers at Blackberry that get more emails than they can read / respond to. And yours is one of them. You shouldn’t be offended it is just true. And yes there are lots of people out there that believe they have the next great idea. You are not the only one. There are hundreds of start-ups in Waterloo alone. Each one thinking they have a worth while idea. And we will be lucky if a small fraction of them are still around in 5 years. Just how it is. I have been very nice with you. I have the best of intentions. I am trying to give you good advice. If you have a great idea, I hope you find a better way to promote it. And if you do not I hope you stop what ever this is that you are doing and move on. You seem like a nice guy. Regards and Good Luck…

  3. NO it does not, do you see hundreds or thousands of people trying to convince Blackberry in investigating this smartphone device??? NO just me, so if BLackberry does not believe they are desperate enough to try anything then NO I don’t believe Chen is doing all he can to save this company and just like Thorsten should be oust.

  4. Im not saying the problem was Alicia, my point was they hired her and nothing became of it. Blackberry was meant to do the legal work for the new handset.

  5. No, maybe he should. But he doesn’t know enough about it to know to investigate it. And nobody else does either. Other than maybe you. Please find a way to inform us of your idea. Instead of just stating you have an idea. please please please. As for John Chen. Most of his compensation is in stocks. And a lot of them. And he is putting his own money in to buy more BB stocks. I would say he has a lot of interest in getting the best ideas in and to make as much money as possible for share holders. Does this seam reasonable to you?

  6. I don’t think there problem was hiring Alicia keys. I think that they had many other things that they did that caused problems. To start with Alicia Keys is a brilliant artist. To end with that was not the major issue. are you going to patent your idea?

  7. was hiring Alica Keys a educated decision??? NOT

  8. if the case was John Chen was to lose his home if he does not fix Blackberry, he would certainly be investigating this. But as it stands he will make $20M as Thorsten did for failing. John Chen wins either way, so really why should he try very hard.

  9. IF they did they would not be in this mess

  10. I have not said anything that is either encouraging or dicouraging to John Chen. I fact I do think Blackberry has a reasonable chance of becoming reasonably successful again, without your help. With your help they might become the next big thing. But we will never know if you don’t develop a reasonable approach to telling them about it. If your idea is so great you should go patent it and then license it off to Blackberry. I have repeated several times to you that you need a reasonable plan to get them to listen. They simply can’t listen to everybody that writes a letter and investigate. Especially when the person writing (you) doesn’t just send them the information they need to know to make an educated decision

  11. It too late for that , if Blackberry does not develop something that no one has, as to avoid competition, they are done. If Blackberry does not feel they are not desperate enough to try anything to repair the Blackberry brand they are done. Chen is NOT doing the correct thing for Blackberry and that’s not being negative its being truthful. why are you encouraging Blackberry to continue to focus down the wrong path?

  12. Answer to first question:
    In order to show that that is the case all you have to do is look at the reviews for those phones. Yes it is probably true that the consumer market is not buying Blackberry’s at Walmart enough to make it worth while for them to continue selling the phones. I, nor you, are privy to the reasons for the decisions. We could speculate and say no one is buying the phones or say that it is because Blackberry is deciding to sell phones directly online.

    Answer to second question:

    There were many reasons for Chen to change the top managers at Blackberry. The main one would be to change corporate culture. The truth is the two CMO’s might be equivalent. Other then the fact that this is who John Chen trusts and has experience working with. If you ask me this is worth a lot. The changing of the top management also sent a signal to the rest of the world, that believed, for what ever reason, that the top management were not making the right decisions. Seams like the situation was so extreme that he didn’t really have a choice but make significant changes at Blackberry… which he did. Being that they are trying to focus on selling to corporate customers, walking around Walmart probably isn’t a good gauge.

    Answer to third question:
    No this is a reasonable questions, with regards to what I wrote (the rest had nothing to do with my reply – hint: try to stay focused when replying). Blackberry makes relatively high margins off of its server side software. In fact software business’ tend to have high margins. That is if they are successful at marketing their software. Another two areas they are trying to leverage their technology in is healthcare and automotive. Yes you can argue whether or not they will ultimately be successful but you can not argue that they are not trying to be successful in these potentially high margin business’.

  13. If that’s the case, why is there a sign at the Blackberry display in our walmart that’s says the Q10 and Z10 is no longer available? Why did Chen fire the last CMO when the new one is doing exactly as the last one did? How is this focusing on high margin business?

  14. Beware DEVVV blackberry has superior technology and is focusing on high margin business.

  15. Beware investors, I heard BlackBerry loyalists are purposely trying to make Internet traffic busy in a attempt to appear pleasing. I was told by a former BlackBerry employee, he also said management encouraged us to comment on BlackBerry’s ticker Page as often as possible.

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