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Auto Pilot Mode App: A Battery Life Saver

If there’s one area where many Android users complain, it’s the battery life. Even though new versions of Android always claim to improve the battery life, it doesn’t make much of a difference and for end users like you and me, the battery hardly lasts a day. While there are many tips and tricks to save battery life, here’s a new Android app that works smartly and can really give a boost to your battery life.

If you think that we’re talking about yet another battery saving application, think again. This time we’re talking about an app known as Auto Pilot Mode which automatically enables airplane mode on your Android device whenever the cellular signal falls below a threshold.

The app was developed by a XDA Forum member named ProjectZed, and he says: “Auto Pilot Mode is a very lightweight tool to enable airplane mode. Battery rapidly drained when the phone is out of service/signal and tried to search for a signal to use. In order to prevent this battery drain, Auto Pilot Mode will detect when the signal is below a certain threshold. Once this threshold is met, airplane mode will be turned on for a specified amount of time. After this time, airplane mode is disabled and the checking process repeats.”

So as you can see from the app’s description, instead of constantly searching for a network, your phone is switched to Airplane mode to save battery. After some time, the searching process begins again. You can configure settings like for how long airplane mode should be enabled in case the signal falls below the threshold, and also you can specify for how long airplane mode should be enabled before performing another check. You can configure the app to leave WiFi on when the cellular connectivity is disabled so that your Internet connection doesn’t go off.


The app will only work on devices with Android 2.3.3 and above, including Android 4.1 without root requirements and Android 4.2 and above requiring root access. This means that if you’re running a new Android device then you’ll need it to be rooted. These days you can find plenty of tutorials that explain how it can be done, however, note that rooting will void your phone’s warranty. Get the app from the link below:

Download Auto Pilot Mode from Google Play Store