Apple WWDC 2014: How To Get Event Tickets

Apple WWDC 2014: How To Get Event Tickets
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Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is trying something new for ticket sales with this year’s upcoming Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC). Unlike previous years, where the company would sell tickets on a first come-first serve basis, this year the company will offer eligible developers a chance to “win” a ticket, although winners still have to pay for their tickets. Five thousand developers will be selected through a lottery.

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WWDC tickets sell out fast

Two years ago, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) sold 5,000 tickets in the first two hours after tickets went on sale. The problem was that Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) released the tickets without giving developers a heads up. This meant a lot of developers missed out. The primary problem was the Cupertino-based tech giant decided to sell the tickets at a really early time, 5:30 am Pacific Standard Time.

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Last year was not much better. Although the company alerted developers about upcoming ticket sales, all the tickets sold out within the first two minutes.

How developers can register for tickets

Developers who want to register for this year’s WWDC conference will have to be a registered member of the iOS Developer program, Mac Developer program or iOS Developer programs. Those who have not registered by April 3rd of this year won’t be eligible for tickets. Members who are eligible for tickets can go to the WWDC tickets page on the developer’s website. Those who are interested in attending can register between now and Monday April 7th. Simply click Register Now to get started.

Users will then be prompted to sign in with their Apple IDs, then follow the on-screen instructions. Developers who are under 17 years of age will need to have a parent/guardian who is an eligible member of the developer program submit a form on behalf of the young user. After submitting the lottery form, registered developers must wait to see if their name was selected on April 8th. Those who are offered a ticket will need to pay up $1,599 by April 15 or the ticket will be offered to another registered developer. This is potentially great news for those who weren’t offered tickets the first time, as that means at least a few tickets will be available for others.

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