As Many As 20 People Stabbed At Pennsylvania School

As Many As 20 People Stabbed At Pennsylvania School

Numerous media outlets are reporting that the 20 people stabbed at the school are mostly teenagers between the ages pf 14 and 17. Emergency personnel told local media that at least four students are serious injured, while the others are reported to have been cut or scraped in the melee which happened after the stabbing.

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Officials update conditions of the 20 people

Authorities said none of those who were slashed appear to have suffered life-threatening injuries. However, medical helicopters flew number of people to area hospitals, some of whom had serious injuries. At least one adult was injured in the stabbing at the Pennsylvania school. Trauma officials at Forbes Regional Hospital in Pennsylvania said seven of the teenagers and an adult suffered wounds to the abdomen, back and chest. He characterized some those wounds as life-threatening, reports NBC News.

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At least two students who were injured in the mass stabling were undergoing surgery. Hospital officials sent others for CT scans and X-rays to determine if surgery would be necessary later.

Schools shut down, suspect questioned

Officials have shut down all area schools in the wake of the incident, including local elementary schools. School administrators are telling parents to pick up their children from the schools.

Emergency management officials said they had one student in custody. Police were questioning the student, who officials said is a sophomore. At this point the student’s motive for the stabbing spree is unclear.

Students describe panic at Pennsylvania school

According to NBC News, one student said a number of her friends had been wounded in the attack, which occurred right after school officials opened the doors for the day. She said upon entering the school, a stampede of students were rushing at her and screaming that someone was stabbing people.

The president and CEO of one of the hospitals where some victims were being treated said one of the victims could have saved one of the others’ lives. She reportedly applied pressure to the wound, which enabled the person to hold on long enough for emergency workers to take the victim to the hospital.


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