Twitter To Soon Show Number Of People Who Viewed Your Tweet

Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) may soon be able to tell you how many people have actually viewed a specific tweet.  TheVerge received a tip from a user named Lydia J, who sent a screen shot from the Twitter iOS app that revealed the number of people who actually viewed her tweet.twitter

New Twitter feature could be a double-edged sword

The new service from Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR), if true, would surely encourage users to be more active on the microblogging site. A view count ensures a user that the posts are not going totally unread. However, it could have an adverse impact also, for instance if a user has 1000 followers, and of those only 20 viewed a specific post, it might discourage a user from tweeting more often.

Twitter has yet to comment on the matter; however tipster Lydia J. told Verge “That just gives me anxiety now,” and added “Like, ‘Oh, well that tweet sucked. It got zero views. I’m just going to step into traffic.”

As of now, it seems like Twitter has rolled the new service to a limited number of users. Previously, Twitter rolled out limited experimentation of its redesigned site to a small group of users in January before releasing it on a full scale.

Twitter fully blocked in Turkey now

In separate news, Turkish authorities have a blocked the Google DNS service, which was used by the local Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) community to bypass the ban on the microblogging site. Initially, the authorities banned Twitter late on Thursday, but the local community started using Google’s DNS service to access the site.  To bypass the ban users typed and into their network settings.

In a statement on Saturday, authorities claimed that Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) has been “used as a means to carry out systematic character assassinations by circulating illegally acquired recordings, fake and fabricated records of wiretapping.”

DNS or the Domain Name System (DNS) is a hierarchical distributed naming system for computers or any service connected to the internet or a private network. DNS could also be used to enhance the internet surfing speeds.