Twitter Inc Users: Follow These Rules To Increase Your Retweets

Twitter Inc Users: Follow These Rules To Increase Your Retweets
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Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) data scientists, after months of hard work, have finally found out the secret to get retweeted is very simple. These data scientists have researched for months, pouring over than 2 million tweets from verified users to locate what leads to increased engagement.

Results vary industry wise

These Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) scientists concluded that a photo, a hashtag, a video, a number, or a quote can increase the chance of a tweet being retweeted and going viral. However, photos and videos are the most popular elements that could be added for making the tweet go viral. The researchers concluded that the tweets with pictures attached to them are retweeted 35% more compared to those without pictures, and a video increases the chances by 28%. Quotes, on the other hand, increase retweets by 19%, figures by 17% and a hashtag by 16%.

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The research concluded that the content added to the tweets differed from industry to industry. The TV industry preferred quotes, which surged the retweets by 53%. On the other hand, the music industry likes videos, which increase the retweets by 35%.

Holistic approach for Twitter users

In a blog post, Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR)’s data editor, Simon Rogers said that the findings could be directly extrapolated to the average user. The study was conducted after analyzing the verified accounts of individuals and organizations in the fields of government, music, news, sports and television. Accounts with more such elements have thousands of followers, which indicate that the tweets are retweeted. To nullify the effect, the researchers checked the retweet counts with the estimated number a post would generally be expected to get.

Rogers said that people don’t give same importance to every tweet, but, “now we can confirm that adding video, links and photos all result in an impressive boost in the number of retweets.” He suggested users to adopt a holistic approach to get more retweets, adding further that a holistic approach is not just meant to increase retweets, but to allure followers and Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) users to connect with them. Following these measures a Twitter user could boost their retweets, says Rogers.

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