Saudi Teacher Caught On Camera Whipping Students; Causes Uproar


A Saudi teacher whipping 13 students with a rod in a school has been caught on camera. The video was aired on Al Arabia earlier this week. The incident has caused an uproar across the nation. The Saudi Ministry of Education has started an investigation into the matter. The video shows a barbaric teacher lashing 13 students as they walk past him.

Saudi Human Rights Council cooperating with authorities

In response to the video footage, Dr. Ibrahim al-Shedi of the Saudi Human Rights Council said that the act of hitting students amounted to “abuse.” The students were clearly abused. Dr. Ibrahim al-Shedi said such people shouldn’t be teachers, and shouldn’t be allowed to work in any school. He fears that this evil phenomenon is unlikely to end even if the government takes necessary measures.

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Al-Shedi said that the Saudi Human Rights Council will continue to denounce such acts, and will offer full cooperation to the concerned authorities to end this phenomenon. He said the students and their parents have full right to lodge a complaint with the Ministry of Education.

In another incident, Saudi daily Ajel showed a video of a teacher using a thick stick to whip school students on their feet as other students looked on.

North Korea is not far behind Saudi Arabia

Students in Asia have suffered strange treatments. Yesterday, reports said that North Korean male students have been ordered to copy the country’s leader Kim Jong Un’s hairstyle. The order was issued in early March on the recommendation of the ruling the ruling Workers’ Party. The students are forced to adopt Mr. Kim’s trademark hairstyle: short on the sides, parted in the middle, and long on the top.

That’s not all. North Korea advised female students to follow the First Lady Ri Sol Ju’s hairstyle. That caused resentment among students across the country.

Notably, smugglers used to sport a similar hairstyle about a decade ago.