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Kerrisdale Capital Rebounds In February With 3.4 Percent Return

Kerrisdale Capital had a solid February (see 2013 letter here). This has been one of my favorite hedge funds to watch for a while. Although many will disagree, I get much more value from reading letters published by solid value investors running smaller hedge funds than I do from reading letters from someone like Einhorn. The reason is not because Sahm is smarter than David Einhorn (although he may well be), but he can invest in a lot of places where Einhorn cannot. Anyway, the letter is below. Also see two other solid recent fund letters from Khrom Capital and Denali Investors Up 66 Percent In 2013, Brings Buffett’s 1950s Back

NOTE #1: I have no time to write any more, at least as much as I did years ago but I really have lots of thoughts I’d like to express – hope to be able to do some shorter articles throwing out thoughts once in a while (as in several times a week)

NOTE #2: Sometimes we really don’t want to, but sometimes we have to lock PDFs in Scribd but for those who pay attention to detail (sometimes) including here you can find the PDF for download…

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