Google Play To Celebrate Its Second Birthday With Huge Discounts

Google Play To Celebrate Its Second Birthday With Huge Discounts

Well, time flies. It’s now two years since Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) rebranded the Android Market to Google Play, and to celebrate the occasion, Google will be offering huge discounts. Google Play is slowly becoming the central place to get apps, games, movies, books and music for your Android smartphone or tablet. But not only that, you can also buy the latest Nexus device, Google Play Edition smartphones, Chromecasts and much more from the Play Store.

Get discounted apps and games from Play Store

To celebrate this second anniversary, Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) will be holding a sale, and heavily discounting some of its apps. The sale has not yet started, but thanks to a Reddit user, we were able to know which apps will be on sale, along with their prices.

The link to the promotion page is currently broken, but when this sale goes live, you’ll be able to see all promotion details from this page (hopefully).

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Here’s a complete list of apps, along with their pricing details.

FIFA 14 is Free.

Disaster Movie is discounted to 99 cents

GQ Australia Magazine Subscription is 30% off

“Theme Park” By EA is Free

“I Came To Say Goodbye” the Book is $4.99 (looks like it hasn’t been discounted yet)

“Heroes of Dragon Age” By EA is Free

“Tiny City by Chillingo” International is Free

“Outback Dreams” the book is $4.99 (looks like it hasn’t been discounted yet)

“The Sims Free to Play” is ….. free magazine issue is $2.99

“Need for Speed” by EA is $5.49

“Vanity Fair the Movie” is $0.99

“Bejeweled Blitz” by EA is Free

“The Luminaries Book” has been discounted to $4.99

“13” The Movie is now $0.99

“Blurring Lines” the Book is $4.99

“Dungeon Keeper” by EA is free

“Super Food Ideas” Magazine is $1.99

“Dead Ahead Game” by Chillingo International is Free

“NBA Jam” is $5.49

If you’ve looked carefully through this list, then you’ll notice that many of these apps are normally “free”, but these games might come with discounts on in-app purchases.

We’ll let you know when the promotion starts, so keep checking ValueWalk!

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