Google Launches Chromecast In Canada And UK


Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) just launched Chromecast in Canada on Wednesday. This small gadget initially launched in the United States last summer as an affordable alternative to cable or satellite television. The device is now available through and the Google Play store. Chromecast allows users to stream movies, television shows, videos, music, photos, and websites on a bigger screen. It revolutionizes the internet and the way people use it.

Chromecast makes internet streaming easier

The small gadget retails for just $39 and is powered by either the TV set’s USB connection or its HDMI port. The most appealing thing about this particular gadget is that it is cheaper and easier to use than most TV boxes. The latter often require additional plugs and cords. The gadget will still require content to be streamed from a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Chromecast also allows users to multitask on the devices even when streaming to the television set. Since this gadget doesn’t come with a remote, users will have to use phone or tablet apps instead.

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More details on the launch

Product manager for Chromecast, Raunaq Shah explained, “I think what’s really resonated with consumers is using their personal devices as a controller. That’s something that we bet on, and we’ve seen that bet come to fruition. It will be easy to get. We’re working with a number of (companies) trying to get more partners on board as soon as we can.”

Chromecast sold out quickly after the first launch. It also remained to be hard to find in retail stores. The only downside to this launch is that it won’t come with the same or similar deal that came with the US launch. Last year’s launch came with a coupon for three free months of Netflix

Chromecast also launched in the United Kingdom today where it retails for just £30 at PCWorld, Currys, and Amazon.