Facebook Inc (FB) Paper Update Allows Users To Share Stories


Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)’s Paper application was launched last month as a way for users to find and share news stories socially. This recent update gives users more ways to share articles they like with others, even friends who aren’t on the popular social network. Before this update, the app allowed users to share just posts with friends on the website only.

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Facebook Inc (FB) Paper Update Allows Users To Share Stories

How to share articles outside the social site

It is easy to share posts – simply tap the arrow key on the bottom of the screen and you will be shown different sharing options. Unfortunately, this feature is limited to online articles only. Users won’t be able to share every post by text or email.

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Paper is very similar to other news sharing apps including Flipboard and Google Currents. It offers a neater way to view articles and photos on their feed. It allows you to swipe away from one story to another or to post. It also allows you tap post to view on full screen for better viewing. When you are done reading the article, just swipe down to close the story. This app also makes it easy to do other common social tasks like create posts, view notifications, send messages, and more.

Facebook hopes to get more Paper users

Right now, Paper is exclusive to the United States and is available through iTunes only. Although this app is part of one of the leading social networks, it has yet to catch on in popularity. At press time, it’s ranked at #28 in social networking apps in the US and #290 in all US apps. When the app first came out, it nearly topped the charts at #2, right behind the now defunct Flappy Bird game.

It is important to point out that the Paper app is a standalone app designed by Creative Labs. This means that it’s more of an experiment for a smaller set of Facebook users. According to Tech Crunch, the team doesn’t have any goals yet. The team was more focused on a good user experience instead.

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