How To Easily Make Skype Calls Via Your Browser


Skype users can now take advantage of voice and video calls via a web browser, all with the help of a new browser plugin released by Microsoft. This plugin, named Skype Web Plugin, supports the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox on both Windows and Mac OS.

Steps to do voice and videos via web browser

To get started with calling via a browser, visit and sign up for a new account. If you’ve already signed up, then simply sign-in.

Now, open the messaging pane by clicking on the messaging icon from the top-right corner. Add Skype contacts from “Add people to chat with” section.

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If a Skype user is online, then you’ll be able to see the call button. Click on this icon and then Skype will present a small pop-up box from where you’ll need to click on “I agree – continue” button. The Skype web plugin will now be downloaded to your computer. Once the download is finished, launch the installer and install the plugin.

You’ll be asked to merge your Skype and Microsoft accounts so that you can see your Skype contacts on Simply sign-in with your Skype details and then click on Continue.

Now that everything is configured, select a friend that you want to call from the messaging pane. If this is the first time you’re doing this in a browser, then you’ll need to give permission to run it.


So it’s that easy to make voice and video calls via a browser like Chrome and Firefox. Best of all, this method should also work on Chromebook (although not tested).