Dropbox Down Update: Problem Fixed


After being down for just a short while, Dropbox said via its Twitter feed that the service is back up and running. The company also urged users who continue to experience problems to let them know.


On its Twitter feed, Dropbox says it is aware of an issue but that it is working on a fix right now. Currently, anyone who tries to use the service gets the following error message:

Dropbox Down Update: Problem Fixed

“Something went wrong. Don’t worry, your files are still safe and the Dropboxers have been notified. Check out our Help Center and forums for help, or head back to home.”

Dropbox says it’s having server problems

Currently the company’s website states that its website is throwing back 5xx errors, which suggests some kind of internal problem with its servers. The issue seems to be affecting both Windows and Mac computers, preventing files from syncing with Dropbox. Also the service’s file sharing doesn’t seem to be working, as it returns the following message:

“The server took too long to respond.”

The mobile apps appear to be having problems syncing files as well. However, any files which have been downloaded to devices are still available. Users will note though that they are in offline mode.