Dota 2 Documentary ‘Free To Play’: Watch Right Here


Valve Corporation launched its Dota 2 documentary Free to Play on Steam yesterday. The documentary is expected to hit iTunes today. If you want to watch it in the company of others online, Twitch has organized an online viewing party. But you can watch the 75-minute long video right here.

Dota 2: Free to Play no masterclass

The Dota 2 documentary has been categorized as a “free to play” item. But there will also be a Free to Play Competitor’s Pack. Valve said 25% of the proceeds from that bundle would go to the players and contributors in the film. Dota 2 Free to Play is the story of three professional gamers: Dendi from Ukraine, HyHy from Singapore and Fear from the United States. They are brought together to compete for a $1 million prize at Valve’s Dota 2 tournament ‘The International.’

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Free to Play premiered in August 2013 during The International 3 after beta screenings. It had to wait for about eight months before it was released on March 19. Wired UK said in a review that Dota 2 isn’t a masterclass. It focuses on those three players and what drives them, along with the background and context from eSports experts.

Dota 2 helps HyHy win his ex-girlfriend back

It’s a 5v5 game where players build up more momentum than the enemy team to cross a map and ruin a giant building named the Ancient. Dota stands for Defense of the Ancients. The individual stories depict a number of issues driving or facing pro-gamers. Free to Play shows how much each player is prepared to give up to become a professional gamer and compete with the best.

Dendi’s story is about his relationship with his family, who consider gaming a way of coping with grief. HyHy’s academic performance is hit hard as gaming consumes most of his time. But his Dota 2 addiction helps him win his ex-girlfriend back. On the other hand, Fear has an erratic schedule because he has to play on a team based in a different timezone. His mother eventually kicks him out.