Apple Inc. Increases Discounts For Secret Loyalty Program

Apple Inc. Increases Discounts For Secret Loyalty Program
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Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) rarely ever offers discounts or sales on their products. However, the company has a somewhat secret loyalty program for customers who spend $5,000 or more a year on Apple devices. Rumor has it those discounts could get even better!

Increased discounts appeal to businesses

Currently the discounts come in three tiers including red tier for customers who spend $5,000 or more; green tier for customers who spend $35,000 or more; and blue tier for customers who spend $200,000 or more. The new discounts improved by a few percentage points. Mac computers will have an increased discount from 5% to 6% in the red tier, blue tier is up to 8%. Unlocked iPhones will be part of the program, though no word on how much the discount will be. iPad tablets will likely be discounted by 2% to 4%.

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Discounts on third party accessories will likely increase up to 10% on the lower tier. That number will probably be higher for upscale brands.

Apple TV now available in discount program

Apple TV will also be part of the loyalty program for the first time, which makes it a great option for businesses, institutions and schools that want a device for presentations that work with iPads. It just so happens that the Apple tablet paired with Apple TV is much easier to work with than all the extras that come with projectors.

512 Pixels executive Stephen Hackett describes the appeal: “The Apple TV’s stronghold has been the living room, but with technology like AirPlay, it’s finding its way in conference rooms and classrooms more and more.While iOS’ AirPlay has been around for a bit, OS X’s ability to use an Apple TV as an external display lets people share data on a TV or projector easily, without dealing with a bunch of cables and video adapters.”

Now that Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) added their television box to the discount program, it’s evident Apple wants to cater more to businesses.

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