Twitter Inc (TWTR)’s UK Traffic Is 80 Percent Mobile Users

Twitter Inc (TWTR)’s UK Traffic Is 80 Percent Mobile Users
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Though Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) witnessed disappointing user growth during the fourth quarter, the company is gaining traction on mobile. According to research firm Nielsen, about 80% of Twitter’s UK users access the site through mobile devices. The study also found that UK is the most mobile market in Europe for the San Francisco-based company.

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How mobile users engage on Twitter

Nielsen found that British users are more engaged on Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) than other European users. It’s been found that mobile users are 1.2 times more likely to engage on the platform daily compared to average users. And 58% of mobile users access Twitter multiple times a day. Spanish users aren’t far behind. The study found that about 80% of Spanish Twitter users access the network on mobile. And for 69%, their smartphones are the primary way to use the microblogging site. In France, 68% access the site through mobile, and it’s the primary way for 60% for users.

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The study highlights the wide range of activities that mobile users engage in while using Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR). For example, 26% of users quote tweets, 58% read, 32% favorite tweets, 18% share photos and 45% click on links. Moreover, 50% access the site while commuting, 33% access the network while hanging out with friends, 33% use Twitter while eating and drinking, and 25% access the site while attending live events.


Nielsen data to help Twitter marketers

Knowing how users engage on Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) helps marketers find out the best ways to promote their products and business. The study points out the strong relationship between mobile users and their favorite brands. According to Nielsen, about 62% mobile users follow brands, and 25% use the site while shopping. As of December, Twitter has more than 241 million monthly active users across the globe. Of them 184 million access the site on mobile, making up about 76% of the microblogging company’s total monthly active users.

Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) shares fell 0.91% to $55.27 at 11:22 AM EST.  The stock has declined 13% this year so far.

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