Twitter Account “DrawnYourTweet” Amuses Thousands Of Users

Twitter Account “DrawnYourTweet” Amuses Thousands Of Users
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Many see Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) as a great way to discover new content, especially news content, but more than one new account is turning it into a source of pure entertainment value as well. Perhaps one of the newer accounts which has “drawn” the attention of the passes is @DrawnYourTweet, which was created earlier this month and is sending out smiles and laughter across the web.

Twitter account goes viral

The Next Web was one of the first major sites to profile the Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) account. It has since gone viral, attracting nearly 13,000 followers as of this writing. In fact, @DrawnYourTweet mentioned the large number of followers he or she has attracted, saying it was “quite a few new” ones and that they were “going to need a bigger pen.” At the time of The Next Web post, the person had just 4,000 followers.

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The person who created the account basically looks through the tweets of others and then “randomly(ish)” drawing them.  The Twitter user said he or she doesn’t take requests, although “followers, celebrities, astronauts, pirates and small dogs” get preference when it comes to choosing which one they’re going to draw.

At this point, the Twitter account has tweeted just 22 times, and 20 of them were the drawings which made the account go viral.

Other fun Twitter accounts automated

Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) provides plenty of opportunities for users to show off their creativity. The Next Web also profiled a number of other fun accounts on the micro-blogging site, like @StealthMountain, which goes through Twitter looking for people who typed “sneak peak,” which of course should be “sneak peak,” grammatically speaking. The creator of that account actually automated the entire process, believe it or not.

And then there’s @RealTimeWWII, which was created by a former history student who live tweets World War II as if it is actually happening right now and is breaking news. If you don’t already feel your Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) is too full, then you might want to check out @Common_Squirrel, @Feral_Pigeon or @big_ben_clock. The first two tweet actions every few often, like “dig dig,” “scratch” or “panic! fly and land three feet away.” The third one actually tweets bongs every hour on the hour—just in case you’re so enthralled in using Twitter at every moment of every day that you lose track of how many hours have gone by since you logged into it.

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