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Mobile Game “Flappy Bird” Sees Increase In Users

There is a new mobile game on the rise that’s likely to replace Angry Birds and Candy Crush Saga as this year’s most popular mobile game.

Flappy Bird was created by a small developer called Gears Studio. Right now, it’s the leading app on both iTunes App Store and Google Play. This new game features a small bird that must fly between a series of pipes. The player must keep the bird airborne by tapping the screen. The ultimate aim of this mobile game is to fly between many pipes without hitting them.

A closer look at the game

Flappy Bird is a lot like your typical video game thanks to the 8-bit visuals and difficult learning curve. Interestingly enough, this game has been around since May 2013. Gears Studio didn’t do any promotions for the new game either. Forbes explained, “In contrast to other recent game successes like Candy Crush Saga which feature hundreds of levels and multiple play and social mechanisms, Flappy Bird is incredibly simple. Dong told TechCrunch that the game only took him 2-3 days to develop. And yet, it has all that is required to create a habit-forming, viral success. A look at the stripped-down components that make it tick is instructive for anyone approaching the minimum viable product question.”

The success behind Flappy Bird

The first notable thing about this particular game is that it’s all about the tap. It’s a very simple concept, however it’s still complex. Players must use the right rhythm of taps when playing the game. The next technique for the game is flow. It’s crucial to fly your bird through as many pipe gaps as possible without hitting any pipes, which then ends the game. The more gaps your bird goes through, the higher the score. Another thing that sets this game apart from others is that instead of being a multi-level game, it’s extended through duration. Perhaps the most important thing about this game is the fact it’s social. It’s easy for players to share their score with friends via social media.