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How To Hide ‘Last Seen’ Time On WhatsApp For Android

If there’s one gripe that I had with WhatsApp for Android is that till now there was no way to hide ‘Last Seen‘ timestamp, which means anyone was easily able to see when did I last log-in to WhatsApp. WhatsApp for iPhone already had this option which enabled the platform’s users to hide their last seen activity. But finally WhatsApp has come to their sense, and has now unveiled this option in the Android app.

Hiding ‘last seen’ timestamp on WhatsApp for Android

With the new update of WhatsApp, you can now control who can see your ‘last seen at’ timestamp. This new option focuses on privacy of users, who do not want to reveal when they last logged-in to WhatsApp. Let’s learn how to disable the ‘last seen at’ feature for our beloved stalkers.

First of all – you’ll need to ensure that you’re running on the latest version of WhatsApp. Next, head over to Settings > Account > Privacy. Tap on ‘Last Seen’ and then select your desired setting.

You have the choice of hiding it from everyone, from certain contacts, or from no one.

From the same Privacy screen, you can also configure settings if you want to hide your profile picture and status from select friends, strangers or just about everyone. The new version surely offers more fine-tuned privacy controls for Android users.

This new update for WhatsApp hasn’t hit the Play Store yet, but this could happen anytime soon. If you’re in a hurry, then go ahead and download the APK file from WhatsApp’s official site. After downloading the APK, you’ll need to head over to Settings and enable installation from unknown sources, or else you won’t be able to install the app from the APK.

Facebook on Thursday has announced that it has planned to acquire WhatsApp, the cross platform messaging app for $16 billion in cash, stock and bonuses. That’s for sure a whopping price for a simple text messaging app. It was reported that Google was also interested in buying WhatsApp, and Facebook wouldn’t wanted to see that happen in any case. This new update for Android users means that WhatsApp hasn’t stopped listening to users, and this ‘last seen’ option was surely a highly requested feature.