Game Over For Flappy Bird, But You Can Still Play It Right Here

Flappy BirdImage source: YouTube Video Screenshot

Though the popular mobile game Flappy Bird has been taken down, people who enjoy flapping and birds and combinations thereof can rest easy. Seemingly within seconds of its removal, the game popped up as a web application, so for those of you who can’t go a day without playing a mindless arcade game, rest easy. It’s available right here.

Enjoy playing Flappy Bird online right here

Read more about it here (excerpts below):

Flappy Bird doesn’t have any in-app purchases – the game generated its revenue through ads. The game generated a whopping $50,000 revenue in ads per day, and in fact it seems strange that a game generating such a profit per day would call it “game over.”

Game lovers were shocked to learn that their favorite game will be coming to an end when Flappy Bird developer Dong Nguyen announced that he intends to pull his game from both the Google Play store and App Store. He however gave a time limit of 22 hours, after which he will take the game down.

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