How To Get Early Access To Handwriting Feature Of Evernote

How To Get Early Access To Handwriting Feature Of Evernote

Evernote is the favorite note taking app of many users, and the app has gained many features over time. The app not only allows users to take notes, but you can also capture photos, record voice reminders, search for notes and do much more. But one feature that many users have been demanding for a long time is the handwriting input feature. Fortunately, Evernote is soon going to have this option but you’ll need to wait for it as this is a beta version feature. There is, however, a way to get access to this feature right now. Let’s learn how this works.

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What is handwriting feature in Evernote?

Soon, all Evernote for Android users will be able to make doodles and write handwritten notes. Basically, you’ll be able to quickly write or draw anything on Evernote. However, users won’t be able to convert handwriting to text, and for now, there won’t be any such option in Evernote.

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The app might also automatically smooth the curves. More features will be added in future versions.

Get the handwriting feature in Evernote

If you’re eager to try out this feature, then you’ll need to be a beta tester. You’ll need to join the Evernote beta Google+ community, and then click on the “Ask to join” button. The community administrator will approve your request within a week. You’ll get an email to your Google+ email address when your request is approved.

When approved, click on this link to opt-in to the beta and then click on the “Become a tester” button.

If Evernote is installed on your mobile device then you’ll be able to see an update available. Update it to get the beta version. And if you don’t have Evernote installed, then install it from the Play Store.

You can now try out the handwriting feature by tapping on the pen icon. Go ahead, draw anything and let your neat handwriting flow on your device!

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