This Month’s Best Apps For Apple iOS And Android

This Month’s Best Apps For Apple iOS And Android
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There is an obvious reason that the iPhone and Android-driven phones retain their exalted status in the smartphone market, and it can be summed up in one (clean) four-letter word – apps. There is a huge back-catalogue of apps available for both iPhones and Android devices and new ones are springing up all the time. Here we look at some of the best apps released this month for both iOS and Android.

IOS – RealPlayer Cloud

RealNetworks gave a presentation at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona just days ago during which they announced that the RealPlayer Cloud service will now be made available to users around the world on iOS. This is a nifty video playback app which supports a wide range of platforms and formats, including FLV, WMV, DIVX, XVID, MOV, AVI and MP4.

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Android – Glove

Glove is an outstanding new app which enables Android mobile users to choose the best wireless carrier. Glove monitors your phone usage for several days and then tells you which wireless carrier will provide the best usage for you, and even assists you in getting best offer. At the moment this is limited to a few US cities and Israel, but the app will be updated rapidly in the near future.

IOS – Paper

This particular app has been produced by Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB), and was announced last month by Mark Zuckerberg. This app enables swift-curation articles provided by friends and family members, as well as articles from news sites. Paper makes it possible to categorize all of this content in nifty user-defined ways, while anything you post on the app will appear in your friends’ news feeds. This is a news site that essentially offers social media elements; a welcome combination.

Android – Meet Me Halfway

This Month's Best Apps For Apple iOS And Android

You can probably guess what ‘Meet me Halfway’ does from the the title of the app alone. If you enter two addresses into this application then it will not only point out what a reasonable mid-point is based on actual traveling parameters, but also suggests a convenient meeting place. This is really a fantastic app for anyone with a busy social life, making meeting up convenient for all parties.

iOS – ProFlowers

Launched this month, ProFlowers is now available on both iPhone and iPod touch. This is quite simply the fastest and most efficient way to order, buy and have fresh flowers delivered wherever in the world you are. The app also enables you to browse beautiful arrangements of flowers, and manage the bouquets that you see based on inputted parameters. It may be too late to earn brownie points for this year’s Valentine’s Day, but you can still download it ahead of next year…

Android – Type Machine

Finally, Type Machine takes on the monstrous task of collecting your entire text-input history, across almost every app. This can be extremely useful if you ever need to recall something that you’ve sent or typed previously at a later date. While this concept also obviously has privacy implications, it might also be worth pointing out that you can disable certain or all apps at any time.

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