How To Know If Your Android Device Supports USB OTG Or Not

How To Know If Your Android Device Supports USB OTG Or Not

USB On-The-Go (also known as USB OTG) is a very useful feature on Android devices, but surprisingly many people don’t even know how to use this feature. Basically, if your Android smartphone or tablet supports USB OTG, then you can connect USB devices such as keyboards, game controllers or a USB flash drive to your device.

But how would you determine know whether your device supports USB On-The-Go (OTG) or not? Right now, not all devices support this feature, as not all come with the necessary hardware and drivers for it. To determine whether your device supports USB OTG capability, you can either try connecting a USB flash drive (using a USB OTG cable) or use this app instead.

USB OTG Checker is a free app that quickly checks your Android smartphone or tablet for OTG support. That’s all this app does, after which you can safely uninstall it since you won’t want one more icon on the homescreen that you’re never going to use in the future.

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When testing this app with Nexus 4, this app correctly displayed the result showing that my device doesn’t support USB OTG. That’s the only button this app provides, and that’s all it takes to check if either your phone or tablet supports OTG or not.

If your phone doesn’t support OTG, then there’s still a way to enable it, provided that your device is rooted. Looking at how to do it is beyond the scope of this article.

When reading reviews of this app, some users have reported that it gives the wrong results. That’s why you shouldn’t only rely on this app, but you should also try connecting a USB device.

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