Xbox One vs. PS4: Who’s Winning So Far?

Xbox One vs. PS4: Who’s Winning So Far?
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The two premium video games consoles, the Sony Corporation (NYSE:SNE) (TYO:6758) Playstation 4 and the Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) Xbox One, have both been in circulation for nearly two months now, as the battle of the next generation consoles raged over Q4 of 2013, particularly the key holiday period.  So with some of the figures now in and gamers having had time to assess both of these highly anticipated machines, which one is coming out on top thus far, and what are their respective prospects for 2014?

Numbers give PS4 the edge so far

Pretty much all the sales data which is in so far has pointed to the PS4 outselling the Xbox One. Although the Xbox One has stood up fairly well in its core market of the United States, Sony Corporation (NYSE:SNE) (TYO:6758)’s console nevertheless sold faster in the first 48 hours after release, indicating that there was more initial appetite for the PS4. The Xbox One has closed the gap since then, which has been attributed to supply issues, and Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) have even claimed that they’ve sold more consoles in the United States than Sony.

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Nevertheless, overall it is clear that Sony Corporation (NYSE:SNE) (TYO:6758) has stolen a march on Microsoft at this point in time on sales figures alone. The PS4 has performed consistently better than the Xbox One across Europe, and recent sales figures from the UK indicate that Sony has shipped nearly 175,000 more consoles in Britain than Microsoft has been able to sell. This is no mean feat; it represents about 45 percent more.

Thus, it is hardly surprising that Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter believes that the PlayStation 4 will outsell the Xbox One by 30% between now and 2016, summing up his analysis of the current market situation by stating that he fully expected Sony to come out on top in the current console generation.

This is obviously the bottom line which concerns both Sony and Microsoft primarily, so is there any conceivable good news for Microsoft which indicates that they might be able to reverse current trends?

Xbox One more of a multimedia machine

It has been evident from day one that Microsoft view the Xbox One as a multimedia machine and that they intend to gain a significant stake in the living-room, not the basement, with this particular console. It is arguable, in fact, that this has been the entire modus operandi of the software giant from the very first day that it entered into the video games console market.

Despite the fact that this particular strategy hasn’t been at all well received, Microsoft has seemingly yet to remotely alter it, with the commercial campaign for the launch of the console emphasizing the fact that the Xbox One enables users to consume all of their media in one place. This mirrored the initial launch event which strongly underlined the multimedia, and particularly televisual, capabilities of the console.

Unfortunately, Microsoft seem to be effectively dipping their toes into numerous markets without really appealing to a core audience. The average middle-aged parents who are not particularly tech savvy or fixated are not going to buy a video games console in order to watch TV; they just view it as a frivolous purchase. And hardcore gamers have been alienated by Microsoft’s marketing strategy, annoyed by the company’s attitude to pre-owned games and the console having to be online constantly, and uncomfortable with the ubiquity of the Kinect device which is central to the Xbox One console experience. In addition, Sony’s machine is evidently more powerful, and some of the early Xbox One titles don’t even run in 1080p.

One of the primary secrets to any line of business is to give customers what they want instead of telling them what they want. It seems that Microsoft have been guilty of doing the latter with the Xbox One, with some of the much vaunted features of the console receiving a lukewarm reception from gamers, while Sony appear to have delivered a console which truly meets the needs and desires of its core market.

PS4 appeals to gamers, gamers’ wallets

This would obviously point to Sony Corporation (NYSE:SNE) (TYO:6758) having an advantage in the marketplace anyway, but the PS4 is also cheaper than the Xbox One! It’s hardly surprising that the PS4 looks to have a lead in the early sales figures, considering they’re selling a more powerful machine, at a lower price point, that caters more appropriately to its core market.

Of course, the Xbox One has still sold pretty well; it would be wrong to assert that it has been a failure. The figures aren’t disastrous for Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT), and plenty of people have stayed loyal to the Xbox One and are evidently greatly enjoying it. But the voice operation has been frequently reported to be less responsive than one might like (and some might consider it to be utterly gimmicky anyway), loading times are without doubt longer than the PS4, and the television integration promised works less than adequately outside of the United States.

Clearly Sony has some good momentum on its side, and Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) looks to be playing catch-up. There are two possible schools of thought on the future of the Xbox One. Either developers will begin to get as much out of it as the PS4, and its superior multimedia functionality will mean that it gains an edge over the PS4 which allows it to close the gap. Or the fact that the Xbox One had the better launch titles of the two consoles and still finished in second place indicates that once some of the big and unique titles and indie games planned for 2014 for the PS4 are released, Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) could find itself well and truly floundering in Sony’s dust.

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  1. I’m a Sony fan and even I can tell this is a bias artical. I perfer the PS4 because it’s more game focused then multimedia. I would of gotten a Xbone later but that camera is forced on me and it has a lot of shit I’m not gonna use. I have voice commands on PS4, I don’t use it. That is where MS lost a lot of gamers. To much extra useless stuff when gamers just wanna play games. But that’s just my two cents.

  2. Why don’t you stooges read the article properly! Its not about what console is better and what can do more its about what console is selling more, then the author starts talking about why he thinks one console is selling more than the other ….. Oh but the Xbox does this better, oh but the PS4 does that better …. Nobody cares get over it and stop whining like a bunch of little girls! just to clear it up the PS4 is selling more consoles despite that the xbox having more features or whatever your silly argument is… Rant over!

  3. Halo, gears of war, titanfall is why I picked the Xbox one. I’m kind of concerned about games failing to run at 720p ie titanfall. And cod’s failure to run at 1080p was a disappointment. This needs to be fixed.

  4. That is not at all the reason. Virtually every PC junkie and technology guru have unanimously stated the hardware in the PS4 is marginally better. Titanfall is going to be on xbox 360 as well. So your logic of “ps4 not being able to handle it”, is null from the moment it leaked out of your head on to my screen. Titanfall’s exclusivity is due to the fact that Microsoft put up massive sums of money to ensure it would not be on a Competing platform.

  5. While I am not biased towards either console, I will say that both have flaws that should be addressed. Such as the XBONE being so expensive when compared to the PS4. A simple fix for this would be to offer an XBONE without Kinnect, although no doubt this would cause trouble as Microsoft have made it clear that the Kinnect is included with every console as it is now just as integral a part as the console itself.
    The PS4, or more to the point, the PS4 marketing team, should stop being such tryhards I think. It is quite clear that the XBONE and PS4 have now disbanded into different target sectors, PS4 being more for the purist gamer and the XBONE being aimed towards the gamer as well as the rest of the family with it’s stylish yet covert appearance and multi-media capabilities.
    All in all, both consoles are excellent and are a credit to the current generation of gaming (PC gaming excluded for obvious reasons…).
    I personally have gone for the XBONE as I have grown used to the Xbox look and feel. If I had not gotten a 360 and had got a PS3 instead I daresay I would be getting a PS4 instead. =)

  6. More powerful? I would say that, on paper at least, they’re pretty evenly matched. The only major difference being the fact that the PS4 uses 8gb of GDDR5 RAM while the XBONE uses 8gb of DDR3 RAM with an additional 32mb of ESRAM. I would not personally sway towards either console being physically more powerful than the other, however, let’s say a game was released on both consoles but was more optimised for use on the PS4 then that game would perform marginally better on that console.
    FYI, I am not a hardcore fan of either console. I started off with a PSX through to PS2, then I was given a 360 from a friend and now I have purchased an XBONE simply because it is more familliar to me. If I had enough money to comfortably buy both consoles I probably would.

  7. Just to let you know, Xbox One is more powerful than the PS4, that’s why games like Titanfall aren’t coming on the PS4, the developers explained why Titanfall isn’t coming on PS4, cause it’s not powerful enough to handle it.

  8. You can tell the person who wrote this knows nothing about the xbox one, in fact this article gives false information. The xbox one does not have to be online and selling used games is exactly the same as ps4. This part alone makes me wonder how much of this article is really true. The 1080p is pretty funny too. Even cod which was demoed in 1080p on ps4 ended up at 720p. In fact they said Sony paid to get the demo in a better resolution. These are selling tactics that I feel fall under false advertisement and should be illegal.

  9. this article seems slightly biased..After playing a ps4 I have decided on the Xbox one. I feel that the ps4 just feels like a ps3 with better graphics, which in my opinion doesn’t warrant a purchase. the Xbox one however, has new features to explore, giving the user a new and refreshing experience. The hardware differences between the consoles are negligible at best, and in my opinion, aside from the naughtydog exclusives, Microsoft produces better exclusives. I’m not a fanboy. I will ultimately purchase both consoles, but the XBox One will be entering my home first.

  10. They never mention Xbox Smart glass which is also a great feature for the Xbox One, having your game map, inventory, and missions all in front of you on your iPad is way better than hitting start and scrolling through everything. While I do really love the kinnect and its voice commands, I think Microsoft made a mistake not making it optional and charging $100 more than sony. Xbox One is the better machine hands down and will only get better with time. Plus Microsoft has always had the stronger game library in my opinion.

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