Twitter Inc (TWTR) Remains A Major Part Of Life In Saudi Arabia

Twitter Inc (TWTR) Remains A Major Part Of Life In Saudi Arabia
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When it comes to using Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR), Saudi Arabia is a world leader, according to a master’s thesis by a Saudi scholar in the U.K. According to Arab News, he argues that because Twitter allows for freedom, it also enables the spread of claims about making society better. As a result, he said Saudis lead the world in tweeting.

Twitter creates citizen journalists

One of the phenomena we have seen as use of Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) has spread is the increase in citizen journalism, which basically means that any Twitter user anywhere in the world can report on what’s happening around then in 140 characters or less.

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The British University of Bedford has adopted the research of Abdullah Al-Rakf, which highlights how Twitter has created citizen journalists in Saudi Arabia.

Examining how Saudis use Twitter

The researcher found that about half of Saudi Twitter users are younger than 30 and that about 27% of them are younger than 40. Just 2% of them are age 50 or older, and about 24% of Twitter users in Saudi Arabia have a bachelor’s degree. About 14% of them have post-graduate degrees, according to his research.

A little over half of Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) users in Saudi Arabia are employed, and approximately 5% of them work in business. Approximately 65% of Saudi Twitter users use it every hour, but 20% use it once a day.

The study showed that users of Twitter got their news about 70% faster than they did through traditional media sites. About 65% of them also follow celebrities, artists or religious figures in order to stay up to date on their lives.

Twitter connects Saudis with the outside world

Al-Rakf also believes that Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) is popular in Saudi Arabia because it provides a way for younger Saudis to remain in contact with the outside world while also delivering their concerns to the country’s leaders and sharing their thoughts on trending topics.

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