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How To Quickly Turn Off The iPhone’s Flashlight

iOS 7 comes with some brand-new features, but of all these changes, the Control Center really stands out. It feels like that it should have been out there since the start. But as they say, better late than never. iOS 7 users are able to bring up the Control Center from any screen, even the lockscreen and then turn on the flashlight with a single tap. This little option eliminated the need for installing any third-party flashlight apps.

When you use the flashlight for a long time, naturally the iPhone’s screen turns off. The process to turn it off is the same to turn it on, which means you’ll need to press the home or wake button, bring up the Control Center and then tap on the flashlight icon. Well, that’s quite lengthy isn’t it? Not exactly a burden, but if you want to save those precious seconds, there’s a simple trick to quickly turn off the iPhone’s flashlight.

How To Quickly Turn Off The iPhone's Flashlight

Whenever you start using the flashlight, and want to turn it off, press the home or wake button and then from the lock screen, tap on the camera icon. Voila, you’ll notice that the flashlight will turn off instantly.

Now no longer do you need to follow that lengthy process to do the same task. So go ahead and enjoy this quick workaround method.