SolveQuotes Provides Transparency To Structured Products

SolveQuotes Provides Transparency To Structured Products

Solve is an innovative financial company founded in 2011 specialized in creating software solutions for the structured product and fixed income markets. The firm’s goal is to help its clients, which include hedge funds, asset managers, private equity firms, insurance companies, broker dealers, accounting firms, third party pricing services, and law firms, make better decisions. Tools that Solve provides seek to improve market transparency by facilitating analysis using graphics and data aggregation. Solve works with software developers and finance experts in the target market that the software serves. Goal is to continue to innovate and adapt product to ever changing market needs.

SolveQuotes aggregates data for fixed income markets

Tracking markets for structured products, corporate bonds, municipals, and floating loans is not as straight forward as tracking other liquid markets such as common stocks. Pricing, news, market color, and commentary for structured products and other fixed income issues is mostly shown in e-mails sent by dealers and Bloomberg messages. SolveQuotes software seeks to unlock the data and convert it into information for market participants.

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SolveQuotes parses through Bloomberg messages, dealer messages, and e-mail text and attachments to create a database of current and historical pricing data accessible in real time. The tool can chart price and spread together of a particular bond issue and help user determine whether the bond is over or underpriced based on fundamental factors. Access to data that is actionable can be provided to the front office as well as the middle and back office if teams decide to share. Having teams access the same database facilitates trading, auditing, valuation, and back office processes improving workflow for bond desks.

SolveQuotes provides custom market monitors

Users can customize screens to track markets and aggregate quotes, charts, and providers according to their preferences. SolveQuotes also has search functionality for users to find information on bond issues by CUSIP, partial security names, regions or asset class. If needed, users can read complete e-mail messages sent by dealers with most relevant information highlighted.

SolveQuotes assists in portfolio management

Users can monitor watch lists, their own portfolio, and clients’ portfolios. This includes receiving alerts on current portfolio holdings and accessing comparable securities in the same portfolio screen. SolveQuotes can be fully integrated into internal model and analytic software and data can be shared among SolveQuotes and the different internal platforms. Data sharing allows users to compare model and market prices side by side within SolveQuotes.

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