Self-Destruct App Takes Snapchat A Step Further

Self-Destruct App Takes Snapchat A Step Further
MarcoGonzalez / Pixabay

Confide, a new self-destruct app which is now available on Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s iPhone, acts a little bit like the popular Snapchat app, except that it goes even further. In a sense, you could even call the app Snapchat for professionals.

Confide beats Snapchat’s shortcomings

According to Business Insider, Confide enables people to send private messages that can’t be read by anyone else. The reason professionals may be especially interested in the app is because it does not let the people the messages are sent to snap a screenshot of the message. The idea behind this is that it will keep information from being leaked out—or at least keep any sort of paper or electronic trail from being created.

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