Michael Moore Pans, Lauds Obamacare

Whenever Michael Moore makes news I feel the need for a disclaimer. I find him to be a slovenly loud-mouth who is often quite feckless. That said, I often find myself agreeing with his politics considerably more than I feel comfortable admitting.

Michael Moore’s fecklessness

Today is no different, following an oped piece that he wrote in yesterday’s New York Times that I just stumbled across this morning. Michael Moore’s fecklessness came to the forefront within mere paragraphs. What is feck, and why doesn’t he have any, you ask? Well, in this case it’s rooted in the sheer contradictory nature of Michael Moore’s writing. It’s feeble.

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Within in a few paragraphs, Moore both blasts and celebrates the Affordable Care Act.

ObamaCare is awful.”

“I believe Obamacare’s rocky start — clueless planning, a lousy website, insurance companies raising rates, and the president’s telling people they could keep their coverage when, in fact, not all could — is a result of one fatal flaw: The Affordable Care Act is a pro-insurance-industry plan implemented by a president who knew in his heart that a single-payer, Medicare-for-all model was the true way to go,” he wrote.

Now, that’s fairly difficult to argue. More difficult, however, is trying to make sense of his use of “godsend” when describing Obamacare in the next paragraph. Granted, the “godsend” he speaks of is the fact that insurers can no longer deny me coverage on my surgically repaired arm due to a preexisting condition.

But the fact that my father is a partner in a private health insurance company in the twilight of his career, and loves Obamacare begs its own questions along with the uncomfortable realization that once again I kind of agree with Mr. Moore.

Obamacare is conservative?

I like the expression “lipstick on a pig.” I like the following passage from Michael Moore’s piece even better.

“What we now call Obamacare was conceived at the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank, and birthed in Massachusetts by Mitt Romney, then the governor. The president took Romneycare, a program designed to keep the private insurance industry intact, and just improved some of its provisions. In effect, the president was simply trying to put lipstick on the dog in the carrier on top of Mitt Romney’s car. And we knew it.”