iRing Enhances Music Apps On iPhone, iPad With Hand Gestures

iRing Enhances Music Apps On iPhone, iPad With Hand Gestures

There is a new iPhone accessory on the horizon that will allow users to control their music apps with simple hand gestures. The iRing responds to the gestures your hands make to perform certain tasks on the iPhone.

The appeal behind iRing

Users wear the double-sided ring that “talks” to your camera which then reads gestures. Users simply move their hand up or down, left to right, or twist to control the actions. iRing supports music applications from IK Multimedia, the same company that created this gadget. Two apps this accessory works with include VocaLive and Groove Maker. The former app was designed for professional practice and recording vocals. The latter app was made for creating high-quality tracks that sound like they were created by a real disc jockey.

The official website further described the device: “iRing uses patented advanced image-recognition, motion control and precise geometric positioning technology to give you control of assignable parameters within your apps. It uses the front-facing camera on your device to determine the exact position of the wearable rings, and recognizes and tracks the movement of the linear or triangular patterned iRing “rings” allowing you to control up to six parameters at a time.”

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Future possibilities for iRing

IK Multimedia also hopes the iRing will soon be utilized for games, fitness, and health based applications. The company is encouraging developers to contact them for more information. The iRing retails for just $25 and is now available for preorder through IK Multimedia’s official website. Consumers can choose their iRing from three colors including white, green, or silver. Though the two aforementioned apps come with a slightly hefty price, there are two apps that are free for iRing users on the app store: iRing F/X Controller and iRing Music Maker.

This new iPhone accessory also works with the iPad.

via: CNET

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