Turkish Equity Short Helps Hugh Hendry End 2013 With Slight Gains

Turkish Equity Short Helps Hugh Hendry End 2013 With Slight Gains
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Hugh Hendry, Eclectica Asset Management, December 2013 letter to investors.

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The Fund finished the year strongly, returning 2.7% in December to close up 0.8% for 2013.

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• Equities were the biggest contributor, accounting for 2.8%. Index call options spread across the US, Japan and Germany made 1.6% whilst US-listed holdings within robotics and credit card companies added a combined 52bps. Elsewhere Japanese property shares contributed 34bps.

• On the short side, a position in Turkish equity index futures made 20bps, although this gain was cancelled out by losses on other EM index shorts.

• FX made 81bps as “good versus bad” EM relative trades generated a return of 71bps.

• Fixed income was the main drag on performance costing 64bps. Losses came primarily from long exposure to short-end European interest rates (48bps) and “steepener” packages in Australia and the UK, although a similar strategy in Korea proved the exception and posted a gain of 10 bps.

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