How To Hide Unused And Bloatware Apps On Android

How To Hide Unused And Bloatware Apps On Android

Some of us have the habit of installing new apps even though we’re not going to use these apps. We’ll just use those apps a time or two and then they’ll just sit there taking up space. In such a case, it is a good idea to remove such unused apps that you’re not going to try out in the future. For example, if I am not going to play Temple Run, then I would remove that game instead of seeing the game’s icon everyday, which would also free up some precious storage space.

However, many people are aware that you can’t remove those bloatware apps that come bundled with your Android smartphone or tablet. So how would you remove them? If your phone or tablet is not rooted, then removing such stock-apps is next to impossible, but the least you can do is to hide them.

Apps such as NFL and MyATT on carrier phones or Currents, Calendar, Hangouts, and Keep that come bundled with Nexus phones can’t be uninstalled. Carriers such as AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint mostly bundle such useless apps, and in this article, you’re going to learn how to hide such bloatware apps.

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How to hide stock apps on Android

To hide preinstalled apps, launch Settings and then tap on Apps. Select the app that you wish to hide, and then tap on “Disable.” This will disable the app and hide it from your device. If the app has received updates, then you’ll need to uninstall those updates first and then you’ll be able to disable it.

Now that the app is disabled, it won’t appear in the application tray, nor it will appear in the Share menu when you’re trying to share a picture, video or anything else. When you want to get back the app, simply head over to the same place and tap on the “Enable” button.

Disabling doesn’t means that you’re uninstalling those apps, it simply means that the app is disabled and won’t be displayed anywhere on the device. It simply hides them from your sight so that you don’t have to see those unwanted apps.

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