Google Glass Wearer Accused Of Movie Piracy By Feds

Google Glass Wearer Accused Of Movie Piracy By Feds
WDnetStudio / Pixabay

Google Glass is certainly a piece of cutting-edge technology, but those lucky enough to own one already are having problem after problem. One person got taken to court for wearing the glasses while driving, and now, the Feds have apparently questioned someone who went to see a movie while wearing Google Glass.

Movie goer accused of recording film

The Gadgeteer reported this week that a man who belongs to the Google Glass Explorer program went to see the film Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. He has prescription lenses in his Google Glass, which also has the capability of recording video. The man said he didn’t even think about wearing his old non-Google Glass pair to the film because he had worn them to the same theater in the past without encountering a problem.

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