How To Add A Second Google Account On Your Android Phone

How To Add A Second Google Account On Your Android Phone

When you first receive your new Android smartphone or tablet, you would normally sign-in to your Google account and continue with your initial setup process. Once you’re done, the same Google account will be set as your primary account, which will sync online if you’ve enabled syncing. However, some of you may want to add a second Google account to your Android smartphone or tablet, and doing so is very easy, provided you know where to look for this option. In this small guide, we’ll be looking at exactly how to do this.

So why would you want to add a second Google account? May be you want to check emails for that account, for work, business or simply if you want to keep that ‘second’ account in sync, and not the first account that you added when setting-up your new Android device.

How to add a second Google account to Android device

To add more than one Google account…

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Step 1: Go to Settings and then scroll down and tap on “Add account.”

Step 2: From the next screen, select which account you want to add. Since we want to add a new Google account, tap on “Google.”
Step 3: Next, select whether you want to add an existing account or create a new one. From there, proceed accordingly.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to add a new Google account but want to add some other account, then tap on that option. For example; you might want to add another Twitter, Vine or any other account on your smartphone or tablet. Once you’re done, you’ll end up having two different accounts on your device.

If you’ve added a second Google account, then you might also want to configure whether you want to sync contacts and other information to this new account. To configure these settings, go to Settings and then tap on Google from “Accounts” section. You can then choose whether you want to enable or disable sync for any particular Google account.

So there you have it. Adding a second Google or any other account to your Android device is this easy.

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