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WFMI Taking Over Real Estate From Sears

Watch this interview from this morning with WFMI Co-CEO’s. They talk about taking the store count to 1200 locations…..

Where will they get all that real estate? Well, we might want to look at where they have been getting it:

Greensboro, NC from Sears

Albany, NY from Sears

Clearwater, Fla from Sears

This Sears in Colorado was the first to become a Whole Foods

Sears Real Estate arm Seritage has over 200 location and over 18M sqft of CRE to lease or redevelop.

Much of the bear case seems to be the CRE is not worth what the bulls think it is. I am of the opinion turning a Sears location that is losing money into a leased WFMI that generates cash, well, that makes that CRE much more valuable. Further, if and when other retailers of all ilk see the success WFMI is having with Sears Holdings Corp (NASDAQ:SHLD), I’m sure their interest will increase in other Sears locations. What you are seeing is the slow transformation of a part of Sears Holdings into a REIT.

We also see Sears Canada pulling out of urban centers and it is only a matter of time before Sears US does…..who will take those spots? I’ll refer you to the video above

I also do not think that Sears Holdings Corp (NASDAQ:SHLD) ramping up its real estate divestitures/redevelopment plans at the same time one of its larger new tenants is ramping up its expansion plans is a huge coincidence.

Via: valueplays