Warren Buffett’s Bet on Media General Pays Off

Warren Buffett’s Bet on Media General Pays Off
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Today’s middays gainers are Enzon Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ:ENZN), Media General, Inc. (NYSE:MEG), Theravance Inc (NASDAQ:THRX) and midday losers are InterOil Corporation (NYSE:IOC), Ulta Salon, Cosmetics & Fragrance, Inc. (NASDAQ:ULTA), Novacopper (NYSEMKT:NCQ).

Warren Buffett gets a boast with Media General

Today’s midday gainer is Enzon Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ:ENZN). The healthcare stock shot up +10.69%, hitting $1.61. Billionaire Seth Klarman holds 7.6 million shares (0.37% of his fund), acquired for $3.32 each. Carl Icahn owns 5.9 million shares (0.04% of his holdings), purchased for an average $3.59.

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The second company with a major gain today is Media General, Inc. (NYSE:MEG). The television broadcast company increased +6.83% to $19.87. With 4.6 million shares, MEG represents 0.07% of Warren Buffett’s fund. The investor paid an average $4.63 per asset.

The third and final stock in our midday gainers list is Theravance Inc (NASDAQ:THRX). The biopharm company is up +6.27%, reaching $37.78. As of September, Seth Klarman holds 18.5 million shares, representing 21.62% of his fund. The billionaire paid an average price of $30.45 per share.

Midday Losers

On top of our midday losers list this Friday is InterOil Corporation (NYSE:IOC). Its share price fell -36.79% to $56.02 when news broke of the sale of a 61.3% stake in its Papua New Guinea gas fields to Total (TOT). This movement affected John Paulson, who owns 1.1 million shares (0.55% of his holdings), bought at $66.64.

Ulta Salon, Cosmetics & Fragrance, Inc (NASDAQ:ULTA) took a dive today as well. The cosmetics retailer dipped -21.12%, hitting $93.13, after presenting a poor earnings report. Billionaire Julian Robertson bought 168,000 shares for $107.03last quarter. This position represents 3.08% of his fund. Another investor with ULTA stakes is Steve Mandel, who holds 4.7 million shares (2.53% of his holdings), acquired for $87.99.

The last firm in our midday ranking is Novacopper (NYSEMKT:NCQ). The mineral company dropped -9.60% to $1.79. Seth Klarman owns more than five million shares, acquired for $2.94. This position represents 0.27% of his fund. And Paulson holds 5.9 million shares, composing 0.07% of his portfolio. The investor paid an average price of $3.33 per asset.

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