Cyber Monday: Our Top Seven Value Investing/Behavioral Books

Cyber Monday: Our Top Seven Value Investing/Behavioral Books

We compiled a list of our favorite books for the holiday known as Black Friday. The list consisted of 13 of our favorite books which were published in 2013. For Cyber Monday we tried to narrow down our list of best books to the all-time greats. We focused specifically on value investing books and a couple of behavioral finance ones. Most of these books are familiar, but some are probably less so. For example, David Dreman’s books on behavioral finance are top notch but not as popular as some others. Without further ado, the top seven all-time value investing books.

Cyber Monday reading list can be found below:

Cyber Monday reading list detailed

The Intelligent Investor

The Intelligent Investor: The Definitive Book on Value Investing. A Book of Practical Counsel (Revised Edition) by Benjamin Graham. The “Bible of investing”. Warren Buffett has stated this is the best investment book ever written. This is a must-read for all value investors

Beating the Street

Beating the Street by Peter Lynch. Another great book which details methods Lynch used over the years to outperform the market. If you want to know Lynch’s investment style, I suggest you read both of his books.

Hayden Capital 2Q22 Performance Update

unnamed 12Hayden Capital's performance update for the second quarter ended June 30, 2022. Q2 2021 hedge fund letters, conferences and more Dear Partners and Friends, The markets continued to sell-off in the second quarter, especially for internet-based businesses.  This year continues to be the toughest stretch for us, since the Hayden’s inception.  Inflation concerns and the Read More

Contrarian Investment Strategies in the Next Generation

Contrarian Investment Strategies in the Next Generation by David Dreman. Written by the original contrarian, David Dreman, this book is a simple explanation of investment strategies that can achieve very high returns. This book also explains investor psychology and the herd mentality that exists on Wall Street.

New Contrarian Investment Strategy

The New Contrarian Investment Strategy, by David Dreman. Another great book by Dreman, where he goes into detail about investor psychology and why you should avoid the “hot stocks” of the day.

Cyber Monday Stock Market Genius

You Can Be a Stock Market Genius

You Can Be a Stock Market Genius: Uncover the Secret Hiding Places of Stock Market Profits, By Joel Greenblatt. Although the titled seems haughty (or nerdy), the content of the book justifies the title. Greenblatt tells you how to invest in obscure investments with very high returns, including spin offs, arbitrage, recapitalizations, and bankruptcies. This is a must read for any serious investor.

The Little Book of Behavioral Investing

The Little Book of Behavioral Investing: How not to be your own worst enemy (Little Book, Big Profits), by James Montier. Great book on behavior finance and how our brains affect our investment decisions.

Cyber Monday Black Swan

The Black Swan

The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable, by Nassim Taleb. Although Taleb is a bit arrogant, this is one of the best, and most important books I ever read. It does not surprise me that this book is still a bestseller. Taleb popularizes the term “black swan” in this book. A black swan is described as a highly improbable event with three principle characteristics: 1) it is unpredictable; 2) it has a massive impact; and 3) ex post explanations are concocted that make the event appear less random and more predictable than it was. The earthquake that hit Japan in March 2011 is a perfect example of this.

What are you buying this Cyber Monday?

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