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Textura how ‘American Hustle’ Meets ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’: Citron

Textura the short case via Citron Research

Citron Research is proud to expose the fraud and deception that is being conducted by Textura Corporation (NYSE:TXTR). The company has lied to the SEC and to the investing public about their management history and current financials. The fair value of Textura on a good day is $4 a share- and that is being generous. For an amazing story of how “American Hustle” meets “The Wolf of Wall Street”

Wall Street has been sold on Textura Corp. (NYSE:TXTR) as a hot enterprise software company, rapidly consolidating the construction industry with a purported “SaaS” platform.  Sound good?

The gap between fiction and reality couldn’t be any wider.   Equity bubble for enterprise software SaaS stocks?  Sure, but this one is so much worse…..

Jim Chanos is fond of defining the potential for short candidates as “Fads, Frauds, and Failures”.   Its rare that you find all three in one package.

Citron encourages all readers to scrutinize the supporting links and decide for yourself:


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