How to Stop Screen Auto-rotation In Kindle App

How to Stop Screen Auto-rotation In Kindle App

If you’re a book lover then you’ll already know about Amazon’s Kindle app which allows you to read Kindle ebooks on any Android, iOS, Windows Phone or BlackBerry devices. While the app usually works great, there’s a minor annoyance that many of us have faced.

When you’re on the couch or lying down in the bed, then you might have noticed that the screen will automatically rotate between portrait and landscape modes, and sometimes this makes reading more difficult. Wouldn’t it be great if we can just lock the screen to one orientation so that the screen won’t rotate automatically? This is very useful if you move around a lot and don’t want the screen to automatically rotate.

Simple trick to disable screen rotation in Kindle app

The good thing is that there’s a simple trick to disable screen rotation in the Kindle app, and enable it when required again. Here’s how this can be done.

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Launch the Kindle app on your Android or iOS device and open the book of your choice. Tap on the lower right corner of the screen and you will notice a little padlock icon.

When this icon is visible, tap on it to lock the screen on the current orientation. Once this is done, the screen won’t auto-rotate no matter how you hold your device. When you want to rotate or lock the screen in other orientation, then simply tap on that padlock icon again to unlock it. Once unlocked, auto-rotation is enabled.

Note that if you’ve disabled auto-rotate on your device, then this setting won’t have any effect. The global setting of the OS will override the app’s setting. To use this padlock option, you’ll need to enable the rotation in the OS first.

With this small but useful trick, a minor annoyance is solved in the Kindle app. Now your screen won’t auto-rotate unnecessarily.

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  1. Thank you SOOOOO much. I was so frustrated with nothing working. I tried other suggestions provided by the google search but none of them worked. But yours was right on target. Short and sweet and it worked. Thank yu again.

  2. Except it does not work for all positions. If you unlock your orientation, flip the phone *upside down* in portrait (say, so you won’t be bothered by your USB cable at the bottom of your phone if you have it plugged in to charge) and lock it, it will automatically unlock and revert to the standard portrait mode as soon as the phone tilts in any way. So the lock only works for standard portrait and landscape. If you try it in upside down portrait, the lock will only work as long as your phone is immobile. Amazon has no ideas, they blame it on the iphone. Apple says to contact Amazon…

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