OnePowerGuard Pro: A Battery Saver App For Android Devices

OnePowerGuard Pro: A Battery Saver App For Android Devices

When it comes to smartphones, I think we all agree that they’re so hot in the battery department. Many of these new-age smartphones last only a day before needing a recharge, which is a lot less compared to the old feature phones. At first it might seem backwards but the truth is that these smartphones are capable of doing many more things compared to the old feature phones.

The display, OS, apps, and other hardware drain too much power which makes our smartphone last only a day. Fortunately, there are many battery saver apps for Android devices. One app that stands out for rooted Android devices and offers the most comprehensive solution is the OnePowerGuard Pro. As per the developer, “OnePowerGuard Pro is a best, excellent, brilliant Android battery saver on rooted Android smartphones/tablets.”

OnePowerGuard gives battery usage transparency

The app will extend the device’s standby time and battery life and optimize charging parameters to ensure that the battery works efficiently. You can easily find which app consumes more battery by using the Battery Doctor option. It basically finds battery consuming applications by checking wakelock usage history.

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The app smartly optimizes system kernel and CPU usage to improve battery performance. If you don’t want to configure every setting, then OnePowerGuard Pro comes with six customized power-saving modes that can be switched on and off depending on your needs. The app intelligently switches to/from WiFi/Cell data to preserve battery life. The app also has the ability to safely shut down useless power-consuming programs so that your battery juice lasts longer.

Easy means of extending battery life

So if you’re the one who thinks that the battery life is one very important aspect of your device, and want to gain some precious battery life, then you should definitely try out this app. Of course, as said above, it only works on rooted Android smartphones and tablets. Grab this app, and find more information on it from the XDA Forums thread.

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