Mediocre November Puts J.C. Penney Back on the List of Losers

Mediocre November Puts J.C. Penney Back on the List of Losers

Today’s midday gainers are  UTi Worldwide Inc. (NASDAQ:UTIW), Navios Maritime Holdings Inc. (NYSE:NM), Baltic Trading Ltd (NYSE:BALT) and midday losers are J.C. Penney Compnay, Inc. (NYSE:JCP), Cameco Corporation (NYSE:CCO), Voltari Corp (NASDAQ:VLTC).

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UTi Worldwide Today’s top performing stock

Today’s top midday gainer is UTi Worldwide Inc. (NASDAQ:UTIW). The stock shot up +8.80%, reaching $16.93, after presenting a better-than-expected Q3 earnings report. Tiger Global Management holds 2.2 million shares (0.56% of its portfolio) of the contract logistics provider. The fund paid an average price of $15.44 per share.

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Navios Maritime Holdings Inc. (NYSE:NM) is the the second-biggest gainer of the day. It rose +7.61% to $8.48. Investor George Soros holds 56,000 shares, which cost him an average $6.47 each.

Last on the list is Baltic Trading Limited (NYSE:BALT). The shipping company’s share price rose to $5.41, a +7.07% increase. Soros acquired 118,000 shares for $4.58 each last quarter. This position represents 0.01% of his fund.

J.C. Penney returns to the list of losers

J.C. Penney Company, Inc. (NYSE:JCP) has returned to our list of losers after managing to stay off of it for a few weeks. The retailer’s stock price dropped -8.79%, hitting $8.81, after reporting a weak month of sales. As of September, George Soros holds 19.9 million shares (1.93% of his fund), acquired for $16.66 each during Q3. David Tepper also has a position in JCP – he bought 783,000 shares (0.10% of his fund) for $13.36 last quarter. And Tom Steyer owns 500,000 JCP shares (0.09% of his holdings), purchased for $13.36.

Following J.C. Penney is Cameco Corporation (NYSE:CCO). The stock dipped -7.08% to $9.11 when it was downgraded to ‘sell’ today. Billionaire George Soros holds 1.8 million shares of the advertising company, representing 0.37% of his fund. The investor paid an average price of $7.82. Ray Dalio owns 50,000 shares (0.01% of his fund), purchased for $7.75.

The last firm in our midday losers list is Voltari Corp (NASDAQ:VLTC), the telecommunications firm decreased -6.65% to $3.79. This move affected Carl Icahn, who owns 678,000 shares (0.01% of his holdings), acquired at an average $5.40 each.

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