Mailbox Adds Support For Yahoo Mail, iCloud, Others

The Dropbox owned company, Mailbox announced new integrations to its email service today. Users of Mailbox can now connect their Yahoo, iCloud,, and email accounts. Mailbox users have been requesting Yahoo and iCloud support more than any other feature. Previously, it was just Gmail, but now with Yahoo Mail and iCloud support, more users are expected to start using this app.


Mailbox update for iOS 7

Mailbox’s iOS 7 app recently got a makeover, and it aims to keep email light, fast and mobile-friendly. Mailbox right now offers app for iOS only, which means only iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users can try it. Whether there will be a plan for Android and other apps is not clear at the moment.

Mailbox came into the limelight when it was only an invite-only service. Many people signed-up with Mailbox and waited in a queue just to try out this app. Since then it attracted the eyes of Dropbox, and the popular cloud storage company acquired Mailbox.

With more email provider support, Mailbox is expected to gain ‘hundreds of millions of new people.’ Mailbox also says that “other email platforms coming soon.” So what’s next in the list? Support for, perhaps!

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