iPhone 6 And Galaxy S5: Release Date, Features [EXPECTATIONS]

It’s the end of another year and tech fans everywhere are patiently awaiting the arrivals of Apple iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S5. It’s been about two months since the iPhone 5S debuted this year, but the rumors and speculation for the iPhone 6 started early this summer. Although the anticipation for the iPhone 6 is strong, there is no question that the demand for Apple’s latest phone is huge. Earlier this week, the shipping times for the iPhone 5S improved significantly as Apple has been able to keep up with the consumer demands.

iPhone 6 And Galaxy S5: Release Date, Features [EXPECTATIONS]

Apple fans want more

Despite the huge demand for Apple’s latest smartphone, fans want more. With a little less than a full year to go, tech consumers have to rely on rumors and speculations in hopes to predict what to expect. Another smartphone tech enthusiasts are clamoring for is the Samsung Galaxy S5. The Galaxy S4 was essentially a repeat of the Galaxy S3 and that disappointed a lot of Samsung fans. Needless to say, the pressure for Samsung is on.

High expectations for Galaxy S5 and iPhone 6

What can we expect from Apple and Samsung’s upcoming phones? Here is a roundup of what we know.¬†Given the history of Samsung’s phone releases, it is safe to predict the company will launch their next big smartphone sometime during the earlier half of 2014. The iPhone doesn’t usually arrive until the late summer or early fall, so it’s likely we won’t we won’t see the next phone until later next year. More exciting is the design possibilities. There have been numerous rumors that the Galaxy S5 would feature a metal body, something that many fans want. Of course, there are other rumors Samsung will opt for a plastic body. Apple may launch the iPhone 6 as a phablet. Recent sources from The Wall Street Journal claim Apple may launch a phone with a larger screen. With many of Apple’s rivals offering phones with larger displays, it would be surprising if they didn’t follow up with their own version.

2013 was a big year for mobile phones and technology. There is little doubt 2014 will be just as big if not bigger.

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