Five Dumb Business Mistakes Smart People Make

Five Dumb Business Mistakes Smart People Make

Most of us get some idea of our intelligence early on. Our educational system is good at labelling us as being challenged or gifted. Our parents compare us to our siblings. We take a battery of attitude tests on our journey toward college or grad school. We use all sorts of yardsticks to compare ourselves with each other.

We know that to be successful in business takes a certain amount of intelligence, skill and drive. Okay, let’s just come right out and say it, you need to be smart.  Our nation is filled with incredible idea-makers and problem-solvers. Yet if you look through history – in fact if you look through any given day’s headlines – you will find many examples of smart people making stupid decisions. Some of these decisions cause people to lose their reputations and other times their entire careers. And those are just the ones we read about.

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Smart people make dumb business mistakes every day. But why, in so many cases, do we make some of the same ones over and over? Well, other than using the sweeping generalization that we are all human, here are five reasons to consider:

Five Dumb Business Mistakes

We mistake motion for action:

Many successful business people are innovators. They’re the “Hey, what if” kind of people who are constantly mulling over new ways of tackling a problem or overcoming a set-back. So where’s the problem?

The problem comes in when you mistake ideas for action. It’s great to be always thinking about new ideas or innovations, but when you spend more time dreaming than you do putting your ide